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My Philosophy

With a passion for ecology, the arts, sociology, psychology and health, my philosophy is shaped by a toolkit of concepts and systems that I use for all my work from brand strategy to artmaking to teaching.



Learning about the internal state of the body by better understanding the earth and its systems 

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The Rhizome

Visualizing the power of decentralized thinking derived from rhizomatic systems like plants, slime molds, the internet and AI



Understanding the micro mirrors the macro within systems (examples include an intern emulating structures created by the CEO or the health of the cell as a subset of the health of a species and the earth)

Water Ripple

Cyclical Models

Rethinking linear systems as circular ones  (examples include feedback loops, virtuous or vicious cycles, circular economy and the virtuality continuum)

Abstract Graphic Shapes

Network Theory:
Strength of Weak Ties

Tapping into the strength of "weak ties" for innovation and cross-disciplinary thinking



Emphasizing the existence of complex systems via the collective and its interdependent relationships 

Image by 蔡 世宏

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Using Maslow's Hierarchy to reframe consumer or student needs 

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Embracing the in-between, blurry, and expansiveness of a lens that rejects either-or thinking

Fungi+Fibers_2022_MixedMedia_WallScaleInstallation copy.jpg

Fungal Futures

Looking towards the resilience of fungi as decentralized communicators, toxin-transformers, biomaterials and reinvigorators of ecosystems   

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