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About Sara Dotterer

I am a multi-faceted creative person– a visual brand strategist, rigorous researcher, masterful writer, arts educator and multimedia eco-artist. My cross-disciplinary thinking allows me to make connections across vast conceptual distances. I excel at researching, building systems and then bringing them to life with strategy, education and art.


An ecotone is an ecological term for the overlapping area where two ecosystems meet and integrate (for example, a lake and mountain region). These "blurry" areas are extremely biodiverse and thus resilient– holding up and balancing our ecosystems. The ecotone is a lens I use in all of my work to deconstruct either-or thinking and pull from the resilience of in-between thinking. I live in my own ecotone as an extremely research-oriented strategist and visualizer of ideas who benefits from the many worlds I exist within from research to eco-arts. I am as inspired by my brand strategy work as my artistic work educating students and designing intricate installations, only because they compliment and improve one another. 

I am from Richmond, VA, but currently based in Austin, Texas. I received a MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Southern Methodist University and a BA in Art and Anthropology from Washington and Lee University. 


Check out my art studio website here or read my MFA thesis here.

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