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Word of Mouth: Food is Our Lens for Life 

I was inspired by the description on the Word of Mouth website that looks at food very holistically from the person who is cooking it to the experience it creates. I believe the eCRM platform can widen its perspective by looking at food through many different lens that we wouldn't normally associate with food.

"We at Word of Mouth are hungry in every sense of the word. We are food lovers anticipating the next bite. Eager to experience it all. To us, it’s not just about the food - it’s about the person making it, their experiences, and their passion.  We’re hungry to learn people’s stories, and share them with the world."


Proposed Structure for Word of Mouth Emails

Each email will have its own cuisine/food theme i.e. bananas, and then will follow the structure below:  

1.  Fun quote about theme 

2. Food "through the lens of _____ " (art, architecture, sociology, anthropology, politics, dating, movies, theatre, sports, etc)

3. Recipes

4. Talk of the town (relevant news, happenings, events, etc around food and the theme) 

5. Sign off

Note: the below template was built in Canva which said it could import easily into Mailchimp, however it kills the live links so I'd need to do some more technical troubleshooting to find a solve, otherwise I could easily rebuild the below in Mailchimp it would just take a bit of finagling. 

Please click through the arrows below to see the progression of the email!



Example subject lines: This $*!& is bananas! Word of Mouth is back from a brief hiatus...
  • How the Sweeds use bananas with the rest of the pantry leftovers 

  • Make a smashing pantry mash-up with Heinz chili sauce, peanuts, and bananas 

  • How bananas became a symbol of modernity for Sweeden

  • See how the softness of bananas turns crisp on canvas 

  • Why bananas are a forgotten delicacy across the world 

  • What to do with bananas in your spare time 

  • How bananas define a career 

  • See this book bound with images of punctured bananas 

  • How puncturing bananas can lead to quite the image

  • Why puncturing bananas is never a bad idea

  • How to make bananas turn a multi-thousand dollar profit

  • How one artist ate another’s fame via a banana 

  • Can you eat fame?

  • How bananas skyrocketed unexpected careers 

  • What do bananas have to do with cultural identity 

  • Make boozy bananas this Mardi Gras season 

  • How bananas imports fostered a New Orleans delicacy

  • When pop-ups allow foreigners to taste a memory

  • When pop-ups allow foreigners to taste a piece of their identity 

  • How yellow is becoming the new green

  • How to preserve heritage through the banana 

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