Featured Piece: four walls, two selves

Poetry + Mixed Media Film (2019)















I am attuned to my body. I grew up as a dancer with movement and physicality being my primary means of self expression. From there, I expanded into paint, collage, drawing, writing, video– but continued to be found in the body and the knowledge I gained there. My interest in the body continues to be in the forefront, and informs the rest of my art. Now, my creations rotate on an axis of ever-changing experiences that are reflected in my choice of medium. But, my art always keeps me walking.


As a child I rarely wore shoes, and preferred the feeling of mud, sand, and grass moving through my toes. I appreciate the independence and attentive perspective that arises when walking alone. Walking is the most simplified form of dance and choreography, and it is in walking that all my work begins. The wonder of walking is that no moment can be replicated--each, fleeting and forgotten, and often a response to either the physical environment or the people around. This sensation is what inspires my work -- bringing together chance occurrences in style to create a landscape of unique movement. 


I am called to bring people into their bodies and thus their minds– to heighten their spiritual attention. The space I have inhabited since birth is charged by a strong current of spirituality, one that in turn has informed my religiosity and thus my work. Spirituality is the view that all ideas, objects, and individuals are connected via some evermoving, everchanging spirit. Religiosity is the devout action one puts towards the spirit - the enactment of the spirituality. I approach my work with a religiosity that is not monogamous to any one medium. I believe in the power of the translation of an idea from medium to medium-- from writing to painting to dance to video. An idea gains inertia and clarity as it is funneled through different channels of communication. It either loses its voice or becomes more complex, more interesting. 


In this particular piece, “Four Walls, Two Selves,” I examined the way that the current lack of physical space I inhabit in New York has impacted my propensity to work. The limitations of space and time along with the never-ending demands that the city places on my attention created this piece. I worked in dance, video, collage, and text to meld ideas together, and then you, the viewer, must decide what will keep your attention. That is the choice I want people to consider, is where you place your attention, even if just for a moment.