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Modern Art Reflections

I believe Pollock should instead be labeled as the greatest revolutionist that the American art world had ever seen because of the drastic changes he brought to American’s art history. His unconventional techniques set a new precedent for future artists; no longer was a figure or landscape necessary to prove an artist’s talent. After taking “Art Since 1945” at my university, modern art came to life for me. I had thought anyone could splatter paint on a canvas like Pollock did, until I realized the method and precise movements behind his creative style. In class, we watched videos of Pollock working which absolutely enthralled me as a modern dancer. He moved rhythmically around the canvas to create works that evoked a wide range of emotion in his viewers. From there, art and dance suddenly became intertwined for me.

I first visited the Museum of Modern Art a few years ago, and the curation of museum entranced me; the flow from level to level as you move backwards through history was unlike any museum I had seen. I had never viewed curation as its own art, but the layout of the MoMA demonstrated that successful curation has the power to make a viewer’s experience that much more meaningful. Since then, I have visited many modern art museums in America and abroad. After my “Art Since 1945” class, modern art was no longer simply pleasing to the eye. There was still beauty in the works, but now, history, emotion, and action behind them. Over the past couple of years, my personal appreciation for modern art museums has grown, and so has my belief in their value within society as a form of entertainment, communication, and education.

At my university, Washington and Lee, the art department has many a time referred to me as our university’s poster child for the fine arts. Although this may be a stretch, creativity is my biggest asset. As an art major, dancer, and advertising student, I am constantly developing my artistic abilities. My involvement in the arts has developed into arts management as I became the president of both Washington and Lee’s Dance Company and the Student Arts League. Last semester, I had a vision to install student artwork into our new housing facility and worked my proposal all the way up to the University's provost; it was finally approved and 4 months later, the art was installed. It took persistence, communication on many different ends, and an ability to inspire enthusiasm in others. Needless to say, I believe in the power of art to bring people together and promote open-mindedness– that is why I need to pursue a career in the arts.

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