A River Walk

Today, I walked the newest attraction in RVA, a footbridge on the James River– Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge. As I reached the middle of the bridge, I spun around to see downtown Richmond, the Hollywood Cemetery, Belle Isle, and below to see the rocks and rapids of the James peppered with seagulls. Yes, seagulls. Why? I have no idea. It was a welcome change from the hissing geese and added to the aesthetics of my view– the dark blue of the James contrasted with the normally obnoxious, white birds of the sea. The peace of the rushing water allows me a few moments of meditation in the midst of the holiday season, and I feel thankful to live in such a full city. Coming back to RVA during college gave me the chance to appreciate its natural beauty, chic restaurants, a vibrant music and arts scene, and the comfort of home.

My favorite mural along the canal walk.

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