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Four Walls, Two Selves, 2020

Choreographed and Written by: Sara Dotterer, Performed at Alvin Ailey Theatre

Sound: Perpetulum Part 1: Written by Phillip Glass, A Breath to Retrieve Your Body  Written by Aaron Martin, Dag Rosenquvist

Performed by The Mouth of the Sun

Voice: Four walls, Two selves by Sara Dotterer

I am called to bring people into their bodies and thus their minds– to heighten their spiritual attention. In this particular piece, “Four Walls, Two Selves,” I examined the way that the current lack of physical space I inhabit in New York has impacted my propensity to work. The limitations of space and time along with the never-ending demands that the city places on my attention created this piece. I worked in dance, video, collage, and text to meld ideas together, and then you, the viewer, must decide what will keep your attention. That is the choice I want people to consider, is where you place your attention, even if just for a moment.

flat conversation, 2017
Choreographed by: Sara Dotterer

at Washington and Lee University

Theme: human relationship with smartphones

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Instincts, 2016

Choreographed by: Sara Dotterer

at Washington and Lee University

Theme: a study on the primal needs of humankind to be connected

inspired by the artist, Uchay Chima 

Voices, 2014

Choreographed and Danced by: Sara Dotterer and Mary Figuers Stallings

at St. Catherine's School 

Theme: the relationship (or lack thereof) with controlling forces in your life 

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