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Sara Dotterer

Visual Brand Strategist + Artist

(c): 804-855-4591  

I am currently working towards my Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Art at Southern Methodist University '23 that includes teaching assistance each semester of my program for undergraduate studio classes.







Sara Dotterer






Obsessively Curious


Big Picture Thinker


Master Brainstormer 



Always. Visualizes. Everything.



Brand Strategy

Eloquent Writer

Meticulous Researcher

Adobe + Microsoft Office Suite

iMovie + Garageband 

Pivot-table Wiz

Interviews + Discussion Guides

Master Deckmanship



Reclaiming Conversation

Amateur Biker

Pedestrian Movement

Designing Yoga Flows

Coffee Beans + Tea Leaves

Fiber Arts

Doodles + Collage

Making logos/websites for friends 



W&L University ’18

Double major in Anthropology and Studio Art

St. Catherine’s School Richmond, VA – JK-12

Nasher Sculpture Center

(January - April 2022) | Dallas, TX

VR Facilitator for Carne Y Arena Exhibition by Alejandro González Iñárritu 

  • Act as concierge/guest services for front desk and galleries in order to support lasting relationships with visitors

  • Check in guests and set them up to have a successful experience 

  • Under VR technology to troubleshoot any difficulties during the experience 

  • Facilitate conversations around the VR and immigration experience 

  • Maintain exhibition spaces 


(January - October 2021) | Austin, TX

Brand Strategist & Researcher

  • Designed, deployed and analyzed research for major financial services company in the retirement sector to develop participant plan journey and content strategy

  • Created and led two persona workshops for participant plan journey development with financial services company 

  • Researched and wrote branded long form content for retirement sector of financial services company 

  • Developed new ways to communicate complex service offerings and differentiated positioning for two different online giving platforms and an education software

  • Researched and wrote copy for an online giving platform via a variety of brand touch points ensuring consistency of tone and voice

  • Conducted extensive competitive analysis to further define and refine Rebel & Co brand strategy 

  • Developed research around the role of brand consultancies in the marketplace for new business usage 

  • Created new business social and press content for the Rebel & Co brand

Burns Group, Brand Consultancy + Ad Agency

(August 2018 - January 2021) | New York City

Brand Strategy for Burns Group

  • Rebranded non-profit in education and economic equity space

  • Spearheaded development of messaging strategy and positioning for a variety of programs in a major business school

  • Brand foundations for an innovative technology in the laundry detergent category

Social Media Community Manager  

  • Strategize and coordinate development of new social content 

  • Manage all social media accounts for major mattress brand across two countries

  • Report on engagement with accounts and steer growth

Account Manager + Strategist for BGIN, Start-up Accelerator within Burns Group

  • Serve as account representative for all of BGIN clients

  • Collaborated with CSO to develop the brand strategy of 8+ brands across a variety of categories– from agricultural adjuvants to coding for kids to sexual wellness– which have gone on to expand their production capabilities, receive more funding, and/or increase their customer base

  • Responsible for development, storytelling and presentation of processes including: immersion, consumer research methodology and analysis, brand foundations, naming, brand identity briefing, messaging strategy, consumer journey, and advertising campaign briefing

New Business Development

  • Executive assistant to the CEO

  • Master deck designer and thorough editor 

  • Led team dynamics and research design for 10+ pitches of varying scale

  • Craft scopes of work weekly – rewritten each time based on the best business solution for the client

  • Redesigned agency website

  • Expanded PR relationship and crafted social media strategy to boost outward-facing reputation 

  • Quant & Qual research for COVID-19 and BLM –  both of which brought in new clients conversations and received press in AdWeek

Consultant for Art W 

(Fall 2018-Present) | New York City

  • Strategist, writer, and website designer for art non-profit specializing in advocating for women artists in the contemporary arts space

  • Conducted and produced content for 15+ interviews during COVID-19, designed website for conversations to be showcased and shared

  • Designed social media strategy for organization 

  • Check out website here

Weekend Manager at The Brant Foundation, Basquiat Exhibition

(Feb-May 2019) | New York City

  • Managed interns, gallery gift shop, and the general flow of people through the space

  • Led personalized and expressive tours to student groups and VIPs, required research and adaptive communication skills 

Management Intern at Taryn Simon Projects, LLC

(Summer 2017) | New York City

  • Developed first-hand knowledge of the inner-workings of a small business in the art world and created new organizational and archival processes for an international, contemporary artist

  • Intensive research for new projects 

  • Copy-edited Occupation of Loss (2018) 


  • Two selves, four walls (February 2020): Created choreography for multi-media dance performance at Alvin Ailey Theatre 

  • Brand Identity Design Class at SVA (Spring 2019)

  • Mixed Media Class at The New School (Fall 2019)

  • Edward Tufte Data Visualization Workshop (2019) 

  • “walking, a state of being” (April 2018): at Staniar Gallery in Lexington, VA: installed an experiential, immersive environment that blends organic and technological elements; media included sound and video

  • “flat conversations” at Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn (January 2018): choreographed a multi- media dance performance, performed three times at various theaters

  • Community Art Installation entitled “Alternatives” (May 2017): partnered with Rockbridge Area Prevention Services to repurpose a park in Lexington, VA; responsible for design, communication, and installation

  • Curator of New Student Housing (2017): proposed the installation of student art to W&L University’s provost; coordinated design of art with W&L’s interior designer; and led the installation

Awards + HONORS

  • Studio Art Prize (2018): for the student who has consistently done outstanding work in the art department 

  • Joseph Martinez Prize (2018): “though analytical and reflective in her art making, Sara is not afraid of taking risks” 

  • Class of 1964 Fine Arts Prize (2018): “Sara coined the term ‘art for all,’ making it her goal to unify and promote the many artists of all disciplines on our campus”

  • Omicron Delta Kappa Recipient, The National Leadership Honor Society (2017): nominated as a member of W&L’s chapter for outstanding leadership in the arts while maintaining a GPA in the top third 

  • Leyburn Scholarship (2018): to continue my study of the virtual-reality cyclical communication model (developed on Washington and Lee’s campus) in Bologna, IT 
    Pamela Simpson Grant (2017): for the purpose of pursuing art and dance classes in NYC for the summer of 2017, awarded by the art department for my achievements in promoting the arts at W&L University 

  • Leyburn Scholarship (2017): funded to pursue anthropological research in NYC; study smartphones’ effect on pedestrian movement in public spaces; research conveyed in text, video, and choreography 

  • Johnson Opportunity Grant Recipient (2016) + Wolley International Scholarship Recipient (2016): to pursue marketing research in Bologna and Perugia, Italy: funded to analyze the cultural specificity of advertising as well as the differences between art and advertising; required coordinating interviews despite a language barrier; and concluded with a semiotic analysis of the advertisements collected 

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