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Creative Leadership 
Washington and Lee University (2014-2018)
President of Arts League


Arts League was created in 2008 at Washington and Lee University, but has died out in recent years. The fall of my junior year, I revamped League to include a wider variety of W&L students pushing past the promotion of solely studio art into music, dance, and theatre. Arts League promotes a more creative campus at Washington and Lee University and in the greater Lexington, VA community by promoting artists who work in all areas of the arts. Arts League's goal is to encourage all interested students, no matter their artistic background or ability, to engender a collaborative environment that allows students to turn creative ideas into action! 

Co-President of Washington and Lee's Dance Company 

For my junior and senior year at Washington and Lee, I will be the co-president of our University's dance company. Our company is comprised of 40 or so students with performances twice a year. Our fall show showcases student choreography and for the winter show, we perform guest artist choreography. The other co-president and I serve as a supportive unit to our professor and insure that the company runs smoothly. My tasks include leading and unifying our group of students, budget allocation, and facilitating optimal communication between the dance students and our professor. I work with my co-president to organize our annual fundraiser for the company, "Dancing with the Professors." We market the fundraiser with our own posters and social media, and at the end of the event, we account for all money earned. 

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