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Brand Strategy + Design Experience 

Strategy: Stakeholder interviews | Research: Quantitative + Qualitative, Discussion Guides | Brand Foundations: Positioning, Golden Circle, Brand Essence, Brand Map, Brand House, Manifesto | Brand Architecture | Naming | Messaging Strategy | Consumer Journey | Creative Briefing for Campaign Ideas, Conferences, Tradeshows, + Identity Design

Design: Website Design | Logo Design | Brand Identity Design | Style Guide | Brochures | ECRM Design | Business Card Design 

Note: see below for examples

Categories include coding for kids, early childhood development, female leadership, sexual health and wellness, agricultural adjuvant, probiotic,  space satellites, nonprofit for education/social good, retail , female co-working space, alcohol (beer/vodka), supplements

Website Design​

Website for Burns Group Advertising Agency created in 2019, "Women: We Create" blog created in 2020, and a Black Lives Matter Research Microsite in 2020 

Fig Media​

Developed logo and visual identity in Winter of 2019 for a media and storytelling start-up in the health and wellness space 

CBD Market

Developed during SVA Brand Identity Class, Fall 2019

The goal for this project was to create a market + cafe that sells CBD products, and serves a menu of drinks and food that incorporates those CBD products. Since this product is somewhat of an unchartered territory, this model will allow customers to get inspiration for what to buy and how to cook it at home. This innovative, organic café + market space that allows discussion around cooking and the benefits of CBD.

The market is located in the East Village of NYC. It was founded in 2018 with the rising popularity of CBD when the stigmatization of marijuana products decreased and the 2018 Farm Bill was passed allowing more growers to produce hemp. CBD began to pop up on cocktail menus around the US, sparkling seltzers arose, and research on its positive effects for your physical and mental well-being. It seemed like the perfect time to cater to the segment of millennials who want CBD to balance out their mindsets with their hectic lifestyles.

Its target is millennials (21-40), single or married, creative professionals, young parents, students, those who like to experiment with their own cooking, health enthusiasts, organic lovers, those who want to experiment with cannabis but don’t want to use marijuana/THC 


Ultimately, we want it to create a space where customers can eat, relax, learn, and experiment with the flavors of CBD.

Greenwich Village
Developed during SVA Brand Identity Class, Fall 2019

The goal for Greenwich Village's visual identity was to exhibit the eclectic and electric history and present of Greenwich village. It highlights the arts, the history of the city, food culture, refined taste, a grimy beauty, etc. It is a collaborative and creative community filled with free spirits, weirdos, students, elitists, intellectuals, 1 percenters, yopros, and everywhere in between. Trendy and posh and grimy and jazzy. I want the visual identity to be refined, but ecletic and eye catching. Bold in color, and painterly in style to show the uniqueness and richness. Modern antique. 


Goal for logo:


  • Highlight an eclectic neighborhood

  • Simplify shapes- to keep refined but eclectic 

  • Mix shapes, colors, and graphics together- overlay

  • To give energy and color

Style Guide: